Keep your Lawn Tidy!

Maintaining your lawn is a breeze. Some Basic precautions and aftercare will insure that your Artificial Grass l maintains its realistic appearance and enduring performance for many more years. The following tips are inexpensive ,dont take a lot of time, but can protect your lawn for years into the future.


  • Keep your lawns surface free of fallen leaves, real grass clippings, or any other garden debris. If left insitu, these items can limit drainage effectiveness.

  • A strong wide broom (not yard brush) or leaf blower can be used for removing the surface debris and organic matter. However please avoid aiming leaf blower directly into the grass turf to avoid silica infill displacement.

  • Be very careful when using any edging tools strimmers or powered mowers near the edge of the artificial grass surface.

  • DIY Lawn care equipment such as leaf blowers and powerbrooms tend to overheat so do not to place these tools on the artificial grass turf as damage may occur to these areas requiring repair work.


  • Keep any kind of naked flame, cigarettes, bbq grills and fireworks away from the surface of lawn.

  • Keep petrol, gas, oil or any other petroleum-based chemicals away from the lawn surface also.


If static electricity becomes apparent, dilute one part liquid fabric softener into 3 parts water and spray using a garden sprayer directly onto the grass turf. Apply the diluted mixture as needed to ensure a static free lawn surface.  Commercial lawn fabric softener is available from Amazon Artificial Grass Showrooms.


Brush Lawn Surface

Brushing the lawns surface using a powered brush or a push broom will assist in freshening the turf’s surface, redistribute infill whilst maintaining vertical fibers and keeping the area plush and level. It is best practice to sweep against the polymers to upstand the blades of turf.